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ELSAG North America is part of Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company.

ELSAG and Whelen Create ALPR Light Bar


New Product Offers A Variety Of Benefits


Brewster, NY –October 18, 2011—ELSAG North America has announced a partnership with Whelen Engineering Company, the only developer and complete manufacturer of all US made light bars for public safety vehicles, for the integration of its advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition technology into police light bars. The new blended technology will take advantage of ELSAG’s Mobile Plate Hunter-900® and Whelen’s popular Freedom™ all LED Light Bar, providing law enforcement with a more efficient and cost-effective ALPR solution without sacrificing the incredibly accurate reading capabilities of ELSAG’s ALPR cameras.

The ELSAG/Whelen ALPR Light Bar offers several benefits for agencies looking to deploy this technology, as it does to existing customers who intend to expand their systems. ALPR cameras hidden inside the light bar offer agencies a more covert option to traditional installations where cameras are mounted to the trunk or top of the car in full view. Cameras are fully protected by the light bar yet their industry-leading reading accuracy won’t be inhibited by this new placement. Importantly, all agencies will appreciate the easy installation, simple plug-and-play operation and all of the customer service and technical support one could ask for.

While in the final stages of development, ELSAG is working toward a launch in the first quarter of 2012. Previews of the ALPR light bar will be available during the International Association of Chiefs Of Police (IACP) annual conference October 22 – 26 in Chicago at Whelen’s booth #981 and ELSAG’s booth #801.

“Our mission is to aid law enforcement in their missions with the most advanced license plate recognition technology available,” says Mark Windover, President and CEO of ELSAG. “Working with the world-class engineers at Whelen is helping us bring new solutions to our customers without sacrificing our accuracy, durability, quality or service standards.”

“We are excited about the opportunities ELSAG has brought us,” said Howard Berke, Whelen’s Senior VP of Sales & Marketing. “Their technologies are engrained in many of the law enforcement operations that keep communities around the world safe. This partnership is a win/win for those agencies which require the highest performance and reliability in light bars and the fastest, most accurate license plate reading technology on the market.”






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